Peers & Industry Leaders

My team attends the Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo every year. No other regional event provides the same opportunity to network with so many peers and industry leaders.Bobby Warren, Douglass Distributing

Learn Valuable Tips

The Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo helps me keep my store(s) in compliance with regulations. I not only learn valuable tips from the education offered at the expo, I’m also able to learn how other retailers are handling the same issues that I face every day in my business.- Mudrad Virani, Backcock Foodmart

Networking & Education

I have attended the Convention & Expo for many, many years. The conference brings together an important network of not only other industry leaders, but peers and friends who have been instrumental in our success. Together, we all benefit from the educational information and updates on issues relevant to our respective companies.-
Greg Mitchell, Toot’n Totum

Professionalism & Honor

“It has been an honor for the South Texas Merchants Association & Quest Fuel Distributors to be a member of the Texas Food and Fuel Association. Not only were the members of the South Texas Merchants Association & Quest Fuel Distributors taken care of so professionally by the TFFA staff, but we have also learned a lot of the latest political news thru the leaders of TFFA”  – South Texas Merchants Association

Support the Organization

I always participate in the Convention & Expo, not only to support the organization, but to stay abreast on topics, issues, and changes within the petroleum marketing and c-store industry. Terry Maxey, Maxey Energy Company

Buyers & Customers

“The Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo is a great event for us. After exhibiting for 44 years, we appreciate the high quality of buyers while meeting many potential customers.” – Mike Teaff, D&H/United Pump Company

Products & Services

Grocery Supply Company and Fidelity Express places a high value on the Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo. Our company has been a part of this event for 33 years. Not only does the Expo provide an excellent platform to showcase our current line of products and services, it also helps us connect with prospective customers, embrace our existing customers, and learn about new products we can offer. –
Steve Shing, GSC Enterprises

Free & Fun

In this competitive market it is hard for the owners to sustain without having the right products for the profitable price. The Southwest Fuel and Convenience Expo is not only free and fun to attain but is also a lot in itself. You get informations about new products to be launched in the market, what product are taking the high margin market share etc. This expo helped me to learn the latest ways to grow my business and also cut cost on several products and run my store more profitable. – Sunil Pokhrel, Empire Petroleum Partners

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