Exhibiting Companies are being contacted by a variety of
companies claiming they are the "official" housing service for
Southwest Fuel & Convenience Expo/Texas Food & Fuel Association.

Here are some of those companies to watch out for:
 Business Travel Services
 Expo Housing Services
 Global Travel Partners
 Convention Housing Authority
 Global Housing Services Corporation
 National Travel Associates


We have no affiliation or relationship with any of the above companies or any other housing company and. We
don’t recommend, approve or endorse their services.

 Hotels (Omni Ft. Worth) will never contact exhibitors & attendees for reservations.


A typical room-poaching scenario plays out like this: First, the third-party housing companies zero in on an
upcoming event and troll association websites, and most recently show apps – – — to gather contacts. Exhibitors
are by nature easy prey, because they like to advertise their attendance and need accommodations as well.

The third-party companies call or send emails, often identifying themselves as the "official" housing bureau for the
event. Some even reproduce the association's logo in their correspondence to give it an air of authenticity. Others
simply claim to be "affiliated with" or "working on behalf of" the group's housing bureau. They might warn that
the room block is close to selling out and urge attendees to book immediately to secure housing, using the lure of
a of a room rate that is significantly less than the published group rate — for a limited time only.

Not surprisingly, Exhibitors find such offers tempting, and many promptly hand over their credit card data,
believing they have scored a great rate and their housing is a done deal. Unfortunately, this often turns out to be
the start of a long, costly nightmare. In the best of outcomes, attendees do, in fact, score room reservations at a
discounted price – but it might be at a lower-tier hotel far off the route. Worse, the cancellation penalties for
such reservations can be harsh. In the most dire cases, they’ll show up to find no room reservations in their name,
their credit cards have been charged and they are in the hole for thousands of dollars.
List of Contractors that may contact you for their services for the 2105 Southwest
Fuel & Convenience Expo have been endorsed and approved by Show Management:

Audio Visual/Computers                                                           Booth Catering – Trinity Food & Beverage
Booth Packages/Discounted                                                     Data/Internet/Telecommunications – Smart City Networks
Booth Furnishings                                                                      Electric/Air/Water – Owens Service Co.
Cart Service/POV                                                                        Floral/Plants – Convention Foliage
Freight/Material Handling/Drayage                                       Lead Retrieval – Expo Tracker
Rental Exhibitors/Accessories
Rigging Signs/Banners
Shipping – Warehouse/Show Site

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